A spaceman came travelling or The sixth door

Great. Now the GPS had broken down and he had not the faintest idea where he was. A strange looking planet for sure. Well, it didn't help to keep thinking about it. What he needed now was a place for the night, in the morning he would repair the GPS and be on his way back home. Over there was an opening.
Xylfiz put his spaceship into stealth mode and landed it inside. What was this? Huge things, was that a landscape or ... well, he would just have to get out and explore it. That's what he was, an explorer. And it did smell kind of nice, warm and spicy.
He climbed up one of the brown walls, there was something sparkly hanging down from it. He touched it cautiously, ready to pull back if it tried to bite him or something. Nope, it just kept ... well, hanging.

And what was this? A bowl with food? Ewww, no, that didn't taste like food at all! Quickly Xylfiz put the bowl back.

Hey, wait! There was someone he could ask. How funny, he was so small while everything else around was so big. The little fellow smiled at him which was encouraging, so Xylfiz lay down to better be able to talk to him. Unfortunately all he did was smiling. Couldn't he talk or didn't he want to?

Disappointedly he got up again and kept looking around when suddenly he heard someone laughing behind him.
He turned around and there was a skinny guy sitting on something fluffy, all dressed in red (didn't anyone believe in green here?). "Come over here and sit down with me. I can tell you are not from these parts, and you do look as if you have one or the other question. My name is Jack, by the way."

So Jack told Xylfiz about the planet Earth and about snowmen and sparkly ornaments and a thing called Christmas. About a baby being born, a star, kings, shepherds. About Sandy Claws and about gifts and shiny children's eyes, trees, tinsel, it was all very confusing for our poor space traveller. He did his best to store it all away in his brain, so he could tell his friends about it later.

Then when he really was ready for bed, Jack asked if he wanted to help pack up some gifts. That sounded like so much fun that he forgot how tired he was. Unfortunately he didn't seem to be the best gift wrapper, he ended up with the ribbon wrapped all around himself!

Still it had been fun, and images of everything he had been told about floated around in Xylfiz' head when he was finally snuggled up on the warm, fluffy seat. Jack was still wrapping things and sang along softly - Christmas carols he had called the melodies - and after a last look out of the window where he could see white stuff or "snow" coming down from the sky he fell asleep ....

It was Christmas Eve.

This is a variation of the little story I wrote two years ago for our "Handmade in Europe" blog.

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