Last minute or The thirteenth door

It's the same each and every year. I find the first Christmas gift in August and it makes me feel safe. Suddenly it's December then, and all the great ideas I had during the last months are in that brain drawer which is stuck. Too late to grease it now or call a brain drawer expert. Time is running out, the moment to panic has come.
Slowly some of the ideas come back. Wait, let me turn on the Christmas radio, that should help the thought process.
It's not as if we make big gifts, but I do take a certain pride in trying to put thought into what I give. That takes time I don't have anymore now.
A list. Yes, I just need to make a list. Brother, sister, brother ... check ... sister, brother, Mom ... friend ... can't forget to take that stuff to work on Monday. Where did I put the bag? Oh, Ponder, please, not now. Get off my desk. No, we can snuggle in a minute. I should be done in a minute ... thinking of 4,089,578 gifts. Maybe slightly longer than a minute. Possibly three.
Oh, I love that song, I can totally get lost in it. Even if I might regret it those ten songs later that I can also get lost in. Or maybe not because it puts me in a good mood. I just love Christmas carols.

Come here, Ponder, snuggle time, and I'll sing to you, too.

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