Advent bloggalendar or The first door

Today I have the honor to be behind the first door of the "advent bloggalendar", a pre-Christmas blog calendar project by a bunch of talented German artisans.

For those who missed it two years ago and don't know what an advent calendar here in my part of the world is - here you can find something about the history of this tradition.
I'm going to try ... that's no promise because there are some time consuming private things coming up in my life ... to blog each day to make the holiday time a bit more interesting and fun for you, and it's going to start with a bang aka a giveaway. Yes, you understood that right. I will be giving away three hand knitted pieces for you to keep yourself or maybe to give to a loved person.
There are different ways to enter:

Are you following me on Facebook or Twitter yet?
Wanna share my pages with your own crowd there?
Do you want to blog about my giveaway?
You don't have FB, Twitter or a blog?

Comment on this post, either with the links to your plugs or, in the last case, with an e-mail address where I can reach you, should you be the winner.

Each one of these actions will count as an entry, that means you can have five entries at most.

You'll have today to leave your comments, then I'll draw the winner with random.org.

Are you curious now about what it IS that you can win?

First of all there's this sturdy key chain. From a silver tone key ring and chain dangles a large crystal rock in a safe wire knit setting which looks cool on the back as well. This is something for a lady or a man.

Then there is this beautiful "Pebbles in the stream" bracelet. It is knitted from a warm orange copper wire with stones, pearls and crystals on it, a real attention catcher.

Last but not least I really went all out with a lovely necklace. It features five bright blue (looks great against light!) glass beads, some shiny, some matte, inside a light golden twisted wire knit tube which is attached to a gold tone chain that you can close with a lobster clasp into each link to change the length if wanted. From the last link dangles a little rock crystal brio for some extra fun.

So what are you waiting for? Try your luck!


  1. Of course I want to win one of these gorgeous items.
    I shared your Facebook post of course.

  2. What a great idea to begin the christmas season ! I like your jewelry very much.


  3. Ooo fab giveaway, I am in! I will share you on FB xx

  4. 0o0o0o0o... I love all your work! I'll share this on facebook and tweet! :D borealisart@yahoo.ca

  5. I tweeted at BorealisArt and posted on my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/NoraBlansett

    Such beautiful jewellery Cat!