Finds of the week - Let it snow or The third door

I never was a big builder of snowmen myself. This little specimen saw the light of a cold Easter Monday a few years ago. We had a friend from India visiting and when we drove up to the "Schwäbische Alb", there was still snow there which she absolutely loved. We made snow angels and the others built this little snowman who caught lots of attention and even was photographed by a stranger. I hope he enjoyed his time up there, I almost wanted to pack him up to take him home ;-) Erm, the snowman, not Mr. Stranger.

That's the thing about snowmen, they are bound to leave you. How could I ever forget Snoopy crying when the sun took away his friend? And how could I forget Linus building a whole lot of snowmen, asking them "I guess you wonder why I summoned you here today" and giving them a speech?

The following snowmen are here to stay, they can't melt, but are just as much fun. Enjoy.

Aren't these cards adorable? I just can't decide on a favorite.

Uh oh ... snowman cards by Maddymoo Design

"Fantasy with a touch of whimsy and a hint of melancholy", that's how Best Art Studios describe their art. It's not hard to see what Mike and Jaime mean by that when you look at this print.

Frost Bitten by Best Art Studios

This snowman gives winter a welcome all dressed up and ready ... are you ready, too? ;-)

Winter welcome snowman by Creations by DJ

Two snowmen ice skating - now wouldn't that be a surprise at the ice rink? So cute.

Vintage enamel snowmen pin from the shop of The Brooch Maven

Last but not least meet Doug in his very chic felt jacket and scarf. Very posh!
Doug the Handy Dandy Gentleman Snowman by Linda Walsh Originals

You got own snowman pictures to share? I'd love to see them!!


Grandmother Carolyn said...

I love this read! And the items selected are just SO fine......

Cat said...

Thank you, Carolyn! I don't take time for browsing too often, so putting these posts together is lots of fun for me, and I find so much great stuff!