Quote of the week or The ninth door

It's time for the first Christmas movie quote from my all-time favorite Christmas movie.

Actually it's not really a quote because no one says anything. It's a picture of the Christmas tree that Dudley, the angel who came to the bishop's house to help on so many levels, is decorating. For me it pretty much set the image of what a Christmas tree has to look like.

Now if only I had an angel to set up a cat-safe tree like this for me! It would probably have to be in a cage ...

The Bishop's Wife, USA, 1947


  1. Ooh pretty tree. I love that movie too. Just started to get the kids to watch Black and white movies - Hywel loves "Some like it hot" I've never heard him laugh so hard at a B&W film before.

    1. That's great. It broadens their horizon :-D