A walk through the cemetery

The "Old Cemetery" in Goeppingen is one of my favorite places. It's mostly very peaceful and lots of childhood and teenage memories are connected with it.
Wanna stroll along?

Let's start with the scary part, the WW I memorial for the victims of the war. When I was a child (I'm not ashamed to say it was the 60s then), people used to put their children or in my case grandchildren up there and take pictures. It could just as well have been a statue of a horse or a goddess, but it was the only statue around. I hated it. When looking up, seeing the clouds move, I always had the feeling those big guys were moving, too. Even worse, falling. On top of me. Call me crazy, but they still give me that feeling today although it got a little better since they planted that bush in front of them.

This is a part of the cemetery. It was used until the 20s. In 1902 a new cemetery with more space was built on the town borders.
There are chestnut trees scattered over the old cemetery and just like we did as children, kids still collect chestnuts here in the fall. It's hard to resist the shiny brown beauties. Each year I pick up the first chestnut I see and put it in the pocket of my jacket where I carry it until the next year.

Here is my favorite grave. It has been ever since I was a child. I always said I wanted one like that. I have been drawn to books all my life, I guess.

Now to the "Oberhofenkirche", the church where I was baptized and confirmed. It's the oldest building in Goeppingen. Initially the church was built outside the city walls, started in 1436, finished in 1490. It's now in the middle of the town.

Not always used as a church, it was renovated end of the 19th century and opened again as a sacral building in 1902.

I love the gargoyles (just showing one here) and the faces above the doors (there are more on the side walls).

I wish I could show you the windows from inside with the light falling through the colored glass. There used to be only one stained glass window, but they then added the two on the side.
I have a confession to make. As a teenager I often counted the little squares to keep myself awake if a sermon was too long .....


  1. What a beautiful historic place you live in. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your past, and present with us. <3

  2. Beautiful pictures Cat! We have an old historic cemetary across the street and I'm always bugging hubby to take me there to see all the ornate stones... now people get mugged there :( Thanks for sharing yours!

  3. You are surrounded in inspiration, how can you have writer's block :( What an amazing place.

  4. Cat...Thanks for the tour....cemeteries are places of unspoken poetry...very spiritual places. We have a large one not far from here...you've inspired me to go do some photography there while we're in the beautiful fall saeson here.