The hook and the yarn

Let me tell you a story. It starts in the 70s.
There's a little girl in craft class. Her hands are sweaty. One holds some yarn, the other is cramped around a crochet hook. Surely the world will tumble down if she loses that hook. The teacher tells the girls (remember, these are the "good old times" when no one would think of boys working with yarn) to make chain stitches. The little girl makes a few. Wow, that's not even that difficult. This is supposed to become a shopping bag, a net just from chain stitches.
In the end the girl has a shopping bag made from pink and grey yarn. It has round wooden handles and it is almost as big as the girl. The teacher didn't think they would be that fast, so the bags got longer and longer, so long that only very tall people could have used them for going shopping. The little girl's bag ended up as a bag for all the balls in the family.

Somewhere along the line the girl grows up. She has learned to crochet, to knit, to weave a little, but she doesn't feel like doing it anymore. She knits from time to time, but she lost the urge to crochet in 4th grade during the cardigan incident. The green cardigan she so sweated over and that she hated so much.
By accident she eventually discovers wire. Suddenly the crochet hook is her best friend, but it only works with wire, not with yarn.

Not to worry. There are so many people out there, doing a great job with a hook and yarn. And here are a few of them.

At the moment I'm having a cup of chai. To not make spots on my desk aka 30s dinner table the cup is on a printed artist's interview. My cool spider coasters are downstairs. Ergo - I need more coasters.
How do you like these ones by CASA di ARIES? I like black and I like the scarcely scattered sequins. A nice little touch.

Fall is here. It's getting chilly at times. As long as it's not too chilly in my house, I'm fine. A cup of chai, some cookies and an afghan to wrap myself into, sitting in a comfy chair (I'm not talking the one from Monty Python's sketch, but hey, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, right?).
How about this afghan by Spiffy Spooner? Isn't it beautiful?

One of my favorite studios is the one of my friend Eddy, Eddy's Pressies. I am absolutely in love with this little devil. Do you think it's true that women go for the bad guys then? I doubt he can do much harm, though. I bet behind that mischievous smile he has a golden heart.

I like bubble baths. And I love my wash cloth from C Turtlez Oddz N Endz. Mine has different colors, but I really like this one's color, too. It's so ... so happy!

You see, the world doesn't need me - in case you haven't found out yet that I was the little girl, haha - to use yarn. My wire, though, I'll defend with fangs and claws! ;-)

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  1. What a sweet and clever little girl you still are :)