The SATeam

Do you remember last year? The SATeam Wrist Candy Holiday Giveaway?
Time has flown by. Don't look at the calendar, just look at your screen - cos here it comes, the 2010 SATeam Wrist Candy Holiday Giveaway! A new charm bracelet, a new chance for you to save AND win!

Last year's bracelet had the subject Christmas. This year we locked ourselves up in a cave in Northern France. Only water and crackers were allowed until ... you don't believe me? Okay, you are right, but it might have been fun. We had a poll and so here it is, this year's prize!
Flowers, in all colors, shapes, made in different techniques, I wish I could play!

Check out the Etsy team shop for all the savings you can get during this sale and giveaway which will be held from the 17th of October until the 28th of November! And check out the team blog
for updates. Come and join us, it'll be fun!

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