A child's best friend

His name is Teddy. I guess I wasn't very creative at giving names in my childhood, but I don't think Teddy minds. He has never complained and he has been around more than 40 years, in fact all my life. I know, I know, you thought I was 27, but the moment of truth is here ;-)

Back to Teddy. He was made by the company Hermann, he has light brown fur that has been worn down by years of sleeping in my bed and listening to my problems. He had plastic surgery, for example when one of his nose threads came loose. He also needed new pads for feet and hands, but I have a great surgeon in my family and I was a great nurse for him, so he was in the best care.
Actually I only remember one time when he was out of the house. A little girl that had come visiting with her father was so in love with "the talking bear" that he got loaned to her for a few days. I didn't go for the "You are such a big girl now and you want to be nice to her, don't you?". I was p..... ehm, mad. I really was. I didn't want to be a big girl and I didn't want Teddy to be out there without me.
Imagine my shock when he finally was brought back in a plastic bag, upside down! Needless to say Teddy never left me again. Indeed he is watching over my nightstand now, with all its treasures ...

Why am I telling you all that, though?
It's Melissa's fault. Melissa Vess makes lampwork beads (check out her ArtFire studio!), beautiful lampwork beads. I know, I have more than one.
And one has patiently be waiting on my desk for more than one and a half years. From time to time I would take it, have a good look at it and put it back in his little bubble wrap nest. And yesterday I suddenly knew what to do. The answer had been sitting on my nightstand all along!

Little Teddy can move his head, arms and legs. His body, arms and legs are crocheted from a beautiful silver-colored copper wire. Yes, there are differences and this one is really nice.
Now what was the song about the bones -"Toe bone connected to the foot bone. Foot bone connected to the leg bone. Leg bone connected to the knee bone..."
Little Teddy only has three "bones", one going through head and body, one going through shoulders and body and one going through hips and body, they are from silver-plated copper wire.

I need more heads ...............


  1. lol Love both the story and the teddy. What a creative idea. <33

  2. oh meh!! now you go and destroyed my fantasy of you being 27.... sigh.....

    Hello Teddy!! "Hang" in there! Though this German may seem crazy and mad as a professor, I am sure she'll take great care of you like she did with her other long time friend. If she does not, you'll more than welcome to elope and visit me here at Hong Kong!!


  3. I'm 45. There, Deb, I said it loud and clear :-P

    P.S. from Little Teddy "I'm packing up this moment."

    Ehm, wait a minute ... what??

  4. A great blog post, and I like the bears too!