Quote of the week

For today's quote I have chosen not a movie, but a TV series again.
Lately I have been indulging in watching our Hercule Poirot DVDs once more. I'm talking about the series with David Suchet starring as Poirot, Agatha Christie's famous Belgian detective.

Of course I know the movies with Peter Ustinov and believe me, I adore him, but although the movies were nice and had star casting ... I'm sorry, Ustinov is just not Hercule Poirot to me (as Margaret Rutherford is great, but not a real Miss Marple, by the way).

Now, Albert Finney came pretty close, but seriously - David Suchet, wow. I will never be able to read a Poirot mystery again without seeing him before my inner eye.

So what do you think is my favorite quote?

"Ah, 'astings, ze leetle grey cells ..."

Hercule Poirot, UK, 1989 - 2010

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  1. Superbe...I watch it in French. A great quote! I am a big fan of Poirot/Suchet!