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I really do love Kevin Kline, no matter if we are talking about "A fish called Wanda" or "The big chill", "In & Out" (just think of that great dance!) or "The January Man" and of course these are just a few.

There are a few favorite quotes as well, many from "A fish called Wanda", but one that I really use a lot is from a different movie.
Kline is at a factory, trying out some huge robot arms. He spreads those arms and says:
"I once caught a fish that was THIS BIG."
What a useful quote. If I can't take quite serious what your counterpart says at the moment or if I want to make clear that I myself am exaggerating at the moment, it always works. Good old fishermen's stories ;-)

And the winner ... eh, the movie is?
Dave, USA, 1993

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