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Oh dear, oh dear ... is it Sunday already? I'm totally unprepared, to be honest. Now where to find a quote? The easy choice would of course be one of my Cary Grant movies as I'm soooo late already (who counts eight hours, though .... *cough*), but that would be really too easy.
Let me run to my DVD shelf really fast and have a look what I can come up with.
Would you believe it? Just now the phone rang and I got a complaint where the weekly quote is ;-)

Jerry Lewis - there's no grey zone, I think. Either you think he's just terribly silly or you see how well executed some of his jokes are. Take the dance in the kitchen in "Cinderfella" for example. This however is not the movie I chose for today.
Instead we'll have a quote from a movie in which Lewis hardly speaks. He's a bellboy named Stanley at a big hotel and he just does stuff without saying a word, messing a lot of things up of course.
In the end the bellboys are going to strike and Stanley is accused of being the ringleader. When being asked if he can't talk, he says that of course he can and when the manager wants to know why they had never heard that before, he says:

"Because no one ever asked me."

I read that this movie was liked much more in Europe than in the USA. Well, I am in Europe and I like it ;-)

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  1. You're not the only one, Cat. I think we could sit and have a great film (and beading) weekend sometime!!