The glove

I am not Michael Jackson and the glove is not white. Oh, and there's no glitter.

But let's start in my childhood. I can hear you yell "not a-NOTHER childhood story", but sorry, it's part of the glove's story.
In Germany there is a game called "Fang den Hut", in English called "Coppit", according to Wikipedia.
I used to play it at my grandparent's house, with my friends, but more fun than actually playing the game was putting the little hats on our fingers and pretend we were witches. Of course my favorite hat was the golden one. Today when I have long finger nails I still do the same, wiggling my fingers around.
I also remember a Swedish book in which one of the guys ate some kind of berries of his girlfriend's fingers.

After I had started crocheting with wire, it had taken a while before I discovered tubes. I tried to make bird cages that didn't turn out quite right, but they ended up on my fingers a lot while making them, just like the little hats in my childhood. I even thought about what wire gauge and what size hook I might have to use to make myself a thimble. It would hardly have made any sense with all the holes in wire crochet, don't you think?
The thought of covering my fingers somehow didn't go away, though. It was there when I made my larger tube necklaces and after a few people said that sometimes the crochet reminded them of chain maille, like on my Joan of Arc ring for example, the idea grew from a pure thimble to a glove.

I finally did it. It's not perfect, mind you, but for a first attempt I'm pretty happy with it!

My fingers are not. One should think they are hardened by now, but this project was just a tad too much for them, I guess.

It's not really a comfortable glove, either, but I think it makes a pretty cool sculpture ;-)
It's a little like those wire mesh "sculptures" used in furniture stores here to show off clothes hangers and stuff. Of course they are cut out of machine-knitted mesh and molded into shape.
I think I like mine better! :-P


  1. Amazing. I think it's really great sculpture.

  2. Amazed at the wonderful and different things you make. This glove takes the cake.

  3. I applaud you for your determination and amazing creativity. A Glove... Who'd of thought it possible. In awe as usual.

  4. Wow! That is amazing. You do fantastic work.

  5. I don't even think I'd have the patience to make a yarn glove... let alone a wire one!

  6. Admire your perseverance & your talent!!

  7. Thank you guys! Sometimes it's necessary to push yourself, right? ;-)

  8. Wow, I am amazed with what you do with wire Cat! I wouldn't even dream up the things you do, let alone be able to execute them...