Animal instinct

The Smooshers have a whole lot of new members AND the Smooshers have a new blog task force. Today I'll combine all those new powers.
Our subject is animal instinct.
Let me think, let me think .... hmm .... what animal would you never expect me to write about? A monkey. Nah, too obvious. A horse. Sheesh, right, that's what you are just waiting for.
Hey, I know. Cats! No one EVER would think that of me!

Ok, so I didn't fool you. Who cares? You'll have to pull this through with me now. I can't risk the wrath of basement cat or the half-vampirette, the cow cat or the lady with the stripes, aka my feline masters.

Here we go. Four new Smooshers with four very different approaches to cats.

Let's start with a cat that probably just lost his or her witch. I'm not sure if she will make it back out of the cauldron. So if any of you wants to adopt a very probably homeless black cat with knowledge of spells, rush over to C Dowdle Designs.

A lot more ancient looks this little faux ivory cat. I'm sure she never had to do with a witch, I can see her much better together with a nice granny.
But even if you are not a granny, you might want to take her in? You can find her at Rueschka by Laurel Steven.

Ha! I remember when my masters used to look like that, cute and cuddly and ... oh gosh. They can still look like that and I'm wax in their paws.
Isn't this little fellow just crying out "Take me in your arms" while waiting in the studio of Artsy Clay?

Last but not least is this cat with the expressive eyes by Blue Jane. Wow, just wow. I'm hypnotized.

Talking about hypnotized, I think it's time to feed the masters ......


  1. Beautiful pieces! This post is too funny! I should hire you to write my descriptions. Seriously!

  2. ROFL oh lawd... can't I hire you to write my blog on a regular basis?? hahahahahahaha

  3. A fantastic post and absolutely gorgeous Cats!

  4. Great blog, very funny....

  5. lol Wonder twin powers, activate! We will be a force to reckon with that's for sure. Love your post, wonderfully felinely whimsical :o)

  6. Thank you all!
    And Deb, let's negotiate *lol*

  7. Wonderful pieces wonderful cats.

  8. Great post with a sense of humor thrown in.!!

  9. Great post and wonderful pieces!

  10. Great laugh, great collection of cats, great post!

  11. Very fun blog... I like it lots!!1

  12. Lots of great kitties! Great post!