Tackle that stash - Jasper and mookaite

More than four years ago I talked about jasper in a "tackle the stash" post. I told the story of the first jasper I liked and how I finally managed to make the right piece with it.
I don't know why, but mookaite - which is actually also a kind of jasper and comes from Australia - was another stone I didn't like much for a long time. I didn't use to work with earthy colors a lot and mookaite for me was always light brown together with a brownish red. Stupid me. Mookaite comes in many different colors, often combined in one stone, and so I guess it had to happen that I fell in love with it after all.

I've had these jasper donuts for a very long time. They came in a set with silver earring components and four more pairs of stone donuts. One of the components broke and so the stones were left over waiting for a new purpose. Over time, they got scattered here and there which is the reason that, after making earrings with the dark red jasper and the serpentine, I only had one snowflake obsidian and one light red jasper donut left. The other day, however, I had the luck to find the pair of picture jaspers.

My first thought was desert, my second one mookaite.
I'm really happy with the combination of the earthy jasper color and the rich red of the mookaite, and I think the gold ties the colors together neatly.

Now where are the second obsidian and red jasper ...... I know they must be here somewhere!

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