Demon guardians

Told you there would be more wings! I had had no idea what they would look like, but once I glued the skulls on, they called for bat wings ... and of course sequins. Will I ever be able to make wings without them again?
The first earring took me longer than I care to admit because I had to experiment a little and rip some beads out again. Despite my usual problems with making a second earring that matches the first one, though, that's not a problem with bead embroidery for me at all, so the second one went faster at least.

I am thinking about making variations of these with my dark grey and my crystal AB skulls, with different wings.
What do you think? Are you tired of my bead embroidery already and would like to see other techniques again?

Here's a short video to show you the beauty of the black AB sequins shimmering in the light. I actually managed to upload a ten second video to YouTube, can you believe it, lol?
Please ignore the background noise that my old camera makes. I tried to turn the sound off, but the tips I found didn't work, no idea what I did wrong. I'm such a natural at this. Not!

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