Zibbet finds of the week, Have yourself a vintage little Christmas - The fourteenth door

Last week I told you a little about Christmas cards. The next day one of my Facebook friends shared this post about Victorian cards that are slightly different from what we get today. And in the comments I found yet another link about more cards. And THAT obviously made me do an image search for Victorian Christmas cards which led me to more interesting pages and pictures and ... wait, I'm getting distracted here again.
What did I want to say? Oh, I remember. Looking at those vintage cards inspired me to make today's post a completely vintage one. Please enjoy while I'll be going back to my image search ... oh, just look at those frogs and the butterfly and .... *voice trailing off in the distance*

Vintage Christmas card at Vintage Tale

Vintage embossed Christmas card at For Collecting

Vintage 40s Christmas wreath ornaments at Scrap Pantry

Vintage Christmas tin box at Nostalgic by Nature

1908 sheet music "In The Holidays" at Sandy Creek Collectables

Maybe this reminded you of your own vintage decorations or collectibles?


  1. Beautiful Collection! I am a lover of all old paper ephemera – from magazine ads to store wrappings – I love each tiny little bit. They don’t make cards, gift wrap, and magazine ads like they used to.

    1. Thank you!
      I have too many collections already to add one more, but it is so tempting!
      You are right, they don't make them like that anymore. I wish they did, maybe I'd start sending cards again (or keep all of them for myself ;-)).

  2. I have some vintage christmas cards on my pc between the images I collected over the years.
    I could try and expand them. :)

    I also have some old christmas decorations in the attic.
    They where from my aunt and my grandmothers.
    They are all glass so they stay in the boxes because of Xima. I'm to scared that they will break.

    1. I think you should try!

      It's a pity you leave the decoration in the box. Isn't there a spot where you can hang them together where Xima can't get to?

  3. These are lovely. I especially like the wood stove. Looking at these vintage Christmas items has me thinking about what Christmas was like when my grandparents were newlyweds and young parents.

    1. That card is so cute. I'll have to be careful because this is really something I could easily start another collection with!