Zibbet finds of the week, Christmas plants - The twenty-first door

Last year I told you a little about the history of the Christmas tree and that evergreen plants were used in winter celebrations way before someone thought about putting apples, nuts, and sweets on a tree.
The fir and other kinds of evergreen trees that are put up for Christmas nowadays are not the only plants we connect with this holiday.
In fact there is a whole list of plants of which I only mentioned a few in this old post. There's the mistletoe of course (one of which we have on our door again this year), there's holly, there's ivy, there are poinsettias and Yule logs, there are Christmas cacti and roses and in some countries radishes (have you ever heard of the Mexican Night of the Radishes before?), pomegranates, and more.

You know what comes next ... a little virtual walk through the garden with beautiful finds. As warm and mild as it is here right now, I hardly even need a jacket! ;-)

Stained glass holly wreath candle holder by Passion Flower Glass

Pomegranate charm necklace by Laline Jewelry

Vintage Christmas card with mistletoe at Sandy Creek Collectables

Poinsettia bow set for dogs by Bellas Dog Bows

Painting "Pomegranate and Pot" by Kostas Koutsoukanidis Fine Art

Christmas Holly Sprite greeting cards by AJ's Designs

"Winter Flowers" felted and knitted alpaca scarflette by Living Loom Weaver

Ornament with painted holly leaves by Family Footprint Designs


  1. All very nice. Question: would a dog actually wear the bows? Because not one of the seven cats I've served would have taken more than 2 seconds to scratch one off.

    1. Cats are too superior to us to let us do that to them!

      I've seen dogs with bows, they seem to be much cooler about it than cats.

  2. Poinsettias are THE flower for xmas here in Sweden still :-)

    1. You see a lot of them here, too, and the red still seems to be a favorite.

  3. We also have poinsettias as the flower for christmas, but also the common holly and lately some mistletoe. :)

    1. We have had mistletoe hanging for a long time, but now the neighbors bring them from their own garden which is really nice.
      I can't say I see holly around so much.

  4. Great Christmas finds. Love the stained glass piece.