Merry Christmas - The twenty-fifth door

As you probably know, here in Germany we celebrate with gifts on Christmas Eve. No stockings for me this morning, no stockings for the cats. Just silence and a relaxed, still slightly full feeling. Remembering that I forgot to take one of my gifts home that I wanted to try out today. Enjoying my little shiny tree. Listening to a song on my favorite Christmas channel. Sipping on my cup of Ovaltine (who is thinking of Ralphie now, come on, admit it) and slowly - in fact very slowly - waking up.
Ah, you will think, so she was too lazy to prepare a post. I like to think it's not so much laziness, but an unwillingness to spend too much time on the computer today. Or laziness. Relaxed laziness which is easy for me to have while someone else is preparing the meals.
Sorry, I'm starting to ramble and falling back asleep at the same time. Enough now.

Merry Christmas, my friends.


  1. Spending the day doing what you want, is a great Christmas gift to yourself. Enjoy your day, dear friend.
    Merry Christmas, too!!!

  2. I wished I could have spend my day the way I wanted. From this morning 8 o'clock till now (17:30) I have been cutting food, cooking and serving my parents, my sisters and hubby's and their children, (in total 15 people). I'm glad today is over. Tomorrow we have to do it all again at a friends house. :)