Quote of the week - The thirteenth door

Although today's movie is not really a Christmas movie, it became an annual tradition for many people including myself. Just hearing the title melody puts me in a Christmas mood.

It's the fairy tale of Cinderella with a twist. This Cinderella is bit of a tomboy. She has her own horse that she likes to ride if she can get away from her mean stepmother and stepsister, she climbs trees, and she's an excellent archer. Actually that is how she meets the prince twice before the ball.
The first time she keeps him from shooting a fawn and in the following chase she not only escapes from him and his two friends, but even takes his horse to do so.
The second time she meets him during a hunt. By now she has received the three magic hazelnuts. In the first one she found a hunter's outfit and being such a good archer she wins the challenge of the hunt. The prince doesn't recognize her for the "little girl" he has met before. She climbs up a tree, lets her hair down and talks to him as the girl, then hides from him.
Then Cinderella is at the ball, wearing a lovely gown that came out of the second hazelnut.
The prince is blown away by her, but she won't agree to marrying him until he solves a riddle.

Prince: Answer me. Will you marry me?
Cinderella: First I'll present you with a riddle that you have to guess. The cheeks are smudged with ashes, but it's not the chimney sweep. A hat with feathers, the crossbow over the shoulder, but it's not a hunter.
The prince shrugs not knowing the answer.
King: Whatever can they ...
Queen: Calm down. You will get to know.
Cinderella: Thirdly, a silver brocaded gown with train for the ball, but it's not a princess, my noble sir.
The prince shrugs again.
Cinderella: No? Shame. As long as you don't know the answer to my riddle ... farewell.

What happens then? ;-) I'll give you a hint. There's still the third hazelnut, you remember? Guess what's in it ... a beautiful wedding gown!

Three Wishes for Cinderella, Czechoslovakia/East Germany, 1973


  1. Oh how this movie brings back memories. I always loved watching it. :)

    1. After hearing that in Norway it was not dubbed, but had a narrator telling the story I'd like to know if it was dubbed in the Netherlands?

  2. I have never seen this movie, but I like that he has to work to get her!

    1. It was known for having such an emancipated Cinderella, we all loved that! :-D

  3. I haven't seen it either, but it sounds like a wonderful combination of Robin Hood and Cinderella with a little bit of camp thrown in for good measure!

    1. I don't know if it was ever shown in the USA, but there must have been an English version.
      Maybe it was only on in the UK?