Snowflakes - The nineteenth door

Today's post is stolen. Calm down, I took it from myself, at least part of it, and I had good reasons.
Today is the day I want you to make snowflakes. That reminded me of a post of mine from five years ago in which I talked about Wilson Bentley, Johann Heinrich Ludwig Flögel, and Nancy Knight.
Wilson Bentley took 5,000 pictures of snowflakes and thought that there are no two snowflakes alike.
Although he had been regarded to be the first person to photograph snowflakes, it seems that honor belongs to Johann Heinrich Ludwig Flögel about whom I could not find an English article so quickly.
Nancy Knight has found two identical snowflakes, though, it seems. At least they looked identical under the microscope. Scientists doubt, however, that they would still be identical on an atomic level.

Now why am I telling you that again after five years?
Like I said already, I want you to make your own snowflake/s. Each year I come to the page "Snowdays" and make a few of them. I have been doing that for about five years now, and they are still there. It's really fun, you should try!

This is the snowflake I made today. Maybe you want to try and make an identical one? ;-)


  1. I remember that site, thank you for sharing it again.
    Now I'm of making some snowflakes. :)

  2. Oh, I hope that no one ever finds two identical snowflakes. That no two are ever the same is part of their magic.

    Cat, It's late evening here, but tomorrow I am going to make a snowflake using the site you referenced. Heck, maybe I'll tape it in the window of our Bangkok apartment!

    1. You should!

      And I totally understand what you mean about their magic.

  3. What a pretty snowflake. I need to check out Snowdays.