Quote of the week - The twentieth door

Do you have an advent calendar? I mean a chocolate one, not one of the really old-fashioned ones with just pictures in it (which I would like to have next year, please) and not one with toys, jewelry or cat snacks in it ;-)
I have one which was given to me by a friend who had got two. It's nothing exciting, but hey, it's chocolate. Unfortunately I have to admit that I cheated and made up for it again, kind of. There was a day when I was craving chocolate so badly and had nothing at all in the house so that I had to go raid the calendar. Only three doors, really. And I made up for it by not opening any door at all after that.

Let's see how others handle that, for example Geraldine who is a vicar in a small British village full of wacky people ....

Clock starts beeping.
Geraldine: Chocolate time. Now then, Alice, tell me. Exactly how many chocolate advent calendars is the maximum a greedy person should have?
Alice: I don't know. I would have thought thirty.
Geraldine: Good! Good! I've got it about alright then.

The Vicar of Dibley, UK, 1994 - 2015


  1. When my kids were young, I had a whole set of Advent boxes that I made (got the idea from a magazine), which I would fill with small treats, including chocolate. I an not the chocoholic in the family, though, it is my husband who cannot resist.

    1. That sounds lovely. At work we have little Santa boots that we hang on a ball chain.

  2. When my daughter was little we gave her one each year, and each year we had to remind her only 1 per day. She is 24 now and called me in the first week of december where she could find them because she already looked in every store. :D

    She was happy as a child when she finally found one and she could open 4 doors at once. :D

    1. And I still have mine around with only about six doors opened!