Tackle that stash - Fairy flower

It's so late already that I honestly didn't think I would make it today.
Just for fun I grabbed some wire and a lampwork bead and started looking for my 1.4 mm crochet hook. I have no idea how that had ended up in the waste paper basket, but I'm sure glad I found it. I hope my beloved 1.65 mm hook that has disappeared didn't take the same way at a former point in time.

I'll make this short. My first effort went into the basket my crochet hook had just found its way out of and the lampwork bead wandered back into the drawer.
I started over planning to make a wire knit ring. As you can tell, that did not quite happen. Instead the flower that started taking shape called for a different lampwork bead, a bigger one, and decided to be a pendant reminding of a sweet pea (I always loved sweet peas) ... or maybe a fairy flower after all?


  1. Fairy flower for sure! Love it Cat, it really has a fairy-ish feeling. :)

  2. That always happens to me too, I start with one thing and along the way it turns into something completely different.

    I love how this one turned into a flower, to me it looks as a trompet-flower.

    1. You are right, that's very similar. Thank you!