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Today's quote is brought to you by the beautiful Esme. The reason is simple. She won't leave my lap and I have access to only four DVDs from here. Two of them I don't know yet and I hate watching a whole movie on my laptop. The third movie was used last week (yeah, I should put it away finally). That leaves just one which I happened to find at a one booth street fleamarket last week. Doesn't that sound exciting?

Imagine you have lost, no, not your mind, but your memory. How is it to have forgotten who you are, what kind of life you lead, who are your family and friends and where you belong?
Mike, an ex-cop who is now a private investigator, is trying to help a lady find her identity, and when she's down, he tries to cheer her up by reading tea bags.

Mike: If it makes you feel any better, I can read tea bags.
Lady: You're gonna tell me my future.
Mike: No, I'm gonna tell you your past. Okay?
Both are chuckling.
Mike: Let's see. Ah, now you ... you were born in Idaho. Your father was a potato farmer. Eh, you tell jokes real well. You're a great cook. Erm. You never get seasick, eh, except maybe for that one time on your honeymoon.
Lady: So I'm married?
Mike: Oh yeah. To Jim Tannenbaum, the Potato Prince.
Lady (laughing): The Potato Prince?
Mike: Yup.
Lady: So then I'm rich?
Mike: No, you're poor, but you have each other, so it doesn't matter. Your favorite color is red, your favorite flowers are roses.
Lady: So how'd I lose my memory?
Mike: Ah, well, once a month you take six homeless women bungee jumping off the roof of the Cal Fed building on Miracle Mile. And now, last week you bumped your head and ended up wandering around the Wilshire district until you finally ended up at St. Audrey's.
Lady: Bungee jumping?
Mike: Ooh. Yeah, you're a thrill seeker, you know.
Lady: So what's my name?
Mike: Aaah. (thinking) Grace.

Dead Again, USA, 1991

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