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As we are getting closer and closer to Hallowe'en, I felt a horror movie would be a good choice for this week's quote.
Now I'm not a big fan of most horror movies - well, unless they are old classics or really bad and thus add to the fun of Saturday night family dinner - simply because I'm a wimp. There was this one dream when I was a kid, whoa. Only my brother coming into the room saved me from this one, I swear.
Humor helps, too. Of course you have to appreciate that kind of humor. I remember watching this movie together with my sister(s?) and a friend of my sister's, and he didn't quite get what we thought was so funny.
What's not funny about a vampire moving in next door from you? Don't tell me you would be scared.

Charley's new neighbor is a vampire, but no one will believe him. And then his Mom even invites Jerry Dandrige inside for a drink. Charley's only chance may be to call on vampire killer Peter Vincent, but unfortunately Mr. Vincent just played a vampire killer in movies - and doesn't believe him.
Charley's girlfriend Amy and his friend Ed visit Vincent who calls Dandrige to ask him if he would participate in a little charade and drink some "holy water" to convince Charley which he does. Well, drink, not convince.

Charley:  If he's not a vampire, have him touch this.
He holds up a cross.
Dandrige takes a step back, but Vincent takes the cross from Charley.
Vincent: Oh, Charley. You've made a fool of yourself once. There's no reason to compound the error.
Dandrige: Yes, Charley. You've already caused your friends quite enough pain. (slightly threatening) You wouldn't want to cause them any more, would you?
Charley (looking around): No. No, of course not.
Dandrige: Then you're finally convinced I'm not a vampire, either? Right?
Charley: Yes.
Dandrige: Well, I'm glad that's settled. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this, Mr. Vincent. You've been a great help.
Everyone is walking towards the hallway except for Billy, Dandrige's friend, who stands in Charley's way smiling down at him.
Vincent: Not at all. Glad to be of service.
Dandrige: It was very nice meeting both of you. Please, please feel free to drop by anytime. You'll always be welcome.
Amy: I'd like that, Mr. Dandrige.
Dandrige: Please call me Jerry.
Vincent gets out a mirror to check his makeup and notices that he can see the whole group, but not Dandrige.
Charley: Let's get out of here.
Amy: Just a minute.
Dandrige: That goes for you too, Ed. I expect we have a lot of the same interests - you know, in horror movies and the occult.
Vincent is shocked and drops the mirror.
Dandrige: Something wrong, Mr. Vincent?

Oh yes, very, very wrong ...

Fright Night, USA, 1985

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