Interview with the artist - Lisa from Bottletree Pottery & Gifts

It has been a long time that I had an artist interview for you. Today I want you to meet Lisa who isn't just a cat friend of mine, but also a talented artist. I'm very happy to have her on my blog. Welcome, Lisa!

Tell us a little about who you are and where you come from.

Well, I am an utterly native Alabaman. Born here, lived my whole life here. I do wish I could travel a lot more, but such is life for the other half.
But being so ingrained in Southern culture is not a bad thing. It's given me a steady foundation for my whole life. My artwork mostly reflects the world seen through those glasses.

Large bowl in shades of blue

What's your craft and how did you get to do it in the first place?

Oh so many answers!
I started sketching as a kid, because that was the medium available to me. I was (and still am) completely enamoured of horses. So I drew horses. Lots and lots of horses. I tried to copy the sketches of da Vinci and Michangelo, but I had no real training until college. That's when I really found my legs. It offered me a variety of mediums I'd never had the opportunity to try before. First watercolors spoke to me. At the same time, I was taking history of modern art-something that had previously just flew by me. That class opened up my perception of art as a whole. Combined with an amazing painting teacher, my career in abstract art just took off. It's almost like being able to taste colors, it's so visceral.
I needed another fine arts elective, so I took ceramic hand building. Holy cow. There are times in your life when you recognize that things will never be the same again. That your grand passion has arrived. I threw myself into clay with a vengeance. Every fingerprint, every move. Every emotion. It all comes out in the clay. It's almost like a recording device. Feeling up one day? It's there in the clay. Blue? Right there for the world to see.

Is there a story behind your shop name?

I wanted to express my Southern roots without the same old, same old. No "old south" this or that. I'd seen bottle trees my whole life, but never understood the meaning behind them. (The color of the bottles hung from the tree attracts evil spirits which then become trapped in the bottles- a combination of European and African traditions ). When I learned, I knew that it was me. Tradition and quirk.

Gemstone studded vase

I think this is one of the most asked questions – where does your inspiration come from?

Oh Lordy. Where doesn't it come from? I love fairy tales and mythology and oral traditions. Those ways in which we have expressed our dreams and fears and histories throughout time. But also, I go- ooh! Shiny!

Tell us a fun thing about yourself.

I have feet like Fred Flintstone. Seriously.

Do you do other crafts, if yes, what?


Velvet ribbon bracelet with watchworks, jelly opal, and pearls

Which one of your pieces is your absolute favorite? Which one was the hardest to make and why?

It's actually a pair of pieces. They are each a representation of Gaia- the original goddess and the embodiment of the earth. The painting is a 30 x 40 inch watercolor and gouache painting. There is not a square inch of it that is not covered with detail. The sculpture that goes with it is a 90 pound hand built ceramic statue of a woman's body from mid hip to right above the bust. It is carved all over with flora and fauna that one would find in Alabama, and colored with both fired and unfired pigments.

Is there someone whom you admire and who inspires you, artistically and/or for life? 

My watercolor painting teacher- Rick Mills. He gave me some of the biggest compliments of my life, and offered me a great deal of encouragement to continue to grad school. He also says the painting he owns of mine is one of his favorites. It doesn't get any better than that.

Pencil drawing "Deep Sea Charging Station"

If you had free choice of one supply you need for your work, no matter how expensive, what would it be?

Gold. Because I really want to learn to make jewelry.

Do you sell online, if yes, where can we find you?

I'm on Etsy! Although I'm damned hard to find. It's Bottletree Pottery & Gifts. I'm also on Facebook as Bottletree Pottery.

Turquoise and crystals necklace

Famous last words ;-) Is there anything else you want to tell us?

Feel free to buy stuff from me. Lots of stuff. XD
I need to be able to support my clay habit.

Thank you for being here, Lisa :-)
I hope everyone will go and check out your pages now as there is so much to see!

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