Tackle that stash - Wide wire knit ring with Biwa pearls

You know how you drag a WIP around for months? Work on it a little time after time, but somehow you are not quite convinced?
The plan had been to add three round faux amber cabochons to this ring. All that was left to do was weave in the wires, but somehow it didn't feel right. One of the amber cabs sat slightly too high and slightly crooked and it felt as if it was laughing at me every time that I tried to fix it.
There comes a point when you know you have to rip a piece up or it will die in your drawer unfinished. So I cut the wires, I ripped off the cabs - I will be able to use them in another piece, I hope - and set out to look through my stash for something I could use instead.

I love these Biwa pearls. I have used them in two bead loomed bracelets (one of which is still available) and have been thinking about other ways to use them.
This kind of ring is now one of them. How do you think about light golden or silver wire?

It is available in my Zibbet shop.


  1. For me personally I would go with silver wire but I know it will look awesome in gold or rose-gold. :)

    Clever idea btw. ;)

    1. Thank you! I'm a silver girl myself, too. I still might have to try some other colors, anyway.