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Have you ever watched your own body language? In which situation you cross your arms or take a step back or lean forward? The looks you give others? What is subconscious, what have you trained yourself to do because it promises success in some situations?
I took a moment to stop writing and feel what I am doing right now. As so often when I concentrate on a blog post, I am sucking on my lower lip (my version of a concentrated child having its tongue tip sticking out) and squinting.
You know sometimes I'm glad I don't have to watch myself grimacing all day ... sorry, co-workers.

How about the little tricks of a district attorney?

Tom: Oh, we know that those paintings exist, and we believe you have them. Didn't you learn anything in law school?
Laura: Yeah, but Logan, we really shook him up in there.
Tom: Ya.
Laura: That look in your eyes in the end?
Tom: What?
Laura: Pure blue steel.
Tom: What are you talking about?
Laura: I'd like to develop a look like that.
Tom: You don't develop looks. You just ... look.
Laura: Not me. I practice looks in the mirror. I got one I picked up from you!
Tom: What?
Laura: I'm cross-examining someone and they give me an answer I just don't buy ... this is what you do.
She shows him the look.
Tom: I don't do that.
Laura: Yes, you do.
Tom: I don't do that.
Laura: All the time! Just like that. You stand by the jury, and you sort of give a quarter-turn and then you give that exact look.

Why don't you give it a try yourself? ;-)

Legal Eagles, USA, 1986

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