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This fine Sunday I chose a movie I love very much and somehow always connect with Easter eggs because it was on TV one Easter Sunday many decades ago ... but that's just an extra tidbit.
It's a comedy that was filmed after a play and the playwright himself is in it.

A woman is accused of having murdered her husband, a painter. She's lying in court and when she doesn't know an answer, she faints.
When her attorney quits because even he is not convinced of her innocence anymore, a mysterious man, Peer Bille, turns up and takes over. For everything the prosecutor brings up he has a different explanation, why the rowing boat capsized, why the defendant's dress was dirty, even why she was happily humming only weeks after her husband's death.
Even the nosy neighbor's statement fails to impress him although she has not only seen a strange woman crying and talking to the grave, but also shadows of a man and a woman in the painter's studio. Did both husband and wife have lovers?

Bille: I assume, Miss Kiebitz ...
Kiebutz: Butz!
Bille: Butz ... that you were shocked by all this.
Kiebutz: I'd say so.
Bille: You covered your eyes and turned away?
Kiebutz: Not right away.
Bille: How long did you watch?
Kiebutz: Until I'd had enough.
Bille: And when was that?
Kiebutz: I didn't check the time.
Bille: You just watched the shadows. And tell us what they did. What did the shadows do?
Kiebutz: They embraced.
Bille: Go on.
Kiebutz: They kissed.
Bille: Go on.
Kiebutz: Kissed for a long time.
Bille: Go on.
Kiebutz: He kissed forehead, eyes, and mouth.
Bille: Go on.
Kiebutz: Then the shadows disappeared.
Bille: And then?
Kiebutz: Then ...
Bille: Then you waited a while?
Kiebutz: Yes.
Bille: But nothing happened?
Kiebutz: I'd had enough.
Bille: Apparently not, if you waited some more.
Laughter in the audience.
Bille: What's the distance to your house?
Kiebutz: Around 100 meters.
Bille: Congratulations. You must have great eyes for your age.
Kiebutz: I used my opera glass.
Bille: Just what I wanted to hear.
Laughter in the audience.
Bille: Thank you, no further questions.
Presiding judge: Have a seat, please. Thank you.
Kiebutz: Thank you. And rest assured, that's the last time I give the authorities a tip-off.

Hokuspokus, D, 1953

I don't know why, but the DVD very conveniently had English subtitles which I used for today's quote.

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