Tackle that stash - Beaded ring with pearl

This week I thought I wouldn't be able to meet my personal challenge. I have been working on a series of bracelets. Although all of them would qualify for the stash challenge so far, I chose not to reveal them before all of them are finished.
Right now I am waiting for beads to start #4.

We are still in the tight grip of summer heat which is not my kind of weather at all, and the longer it goes, the more I feel my motivation dwindling to do anything at all. Without my iced peppermint tea I would probably be lost.
This morning I remembered that it was Friday and I had absolutely nothing to show. I went through a few old ideas in my head during the day, but none of them seemed exciting and quick enough to realize it.

So I have to admit I took the easy way out and chose something that didn't need too much brain power and went fairly quick, a beaded ring in brick stitch in two of my favorite seed bead colors, raspberry and taupe lined crystal AB which are pretty much a staple in my small stash of seed beads.

I topped it with a very pale pink freshwater pearl in a netted setting ... et voilà!

It's available in my DaWanda shop.

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  1. Oh Cat. That is absolutely scrumptious! I'm with you - summer heat sucks.