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Have you ever had a roommate who was completely different from you?
How about bringing a neat freak and a slob together? How would they get along even if they were best friends?
Imagine one of them dragging the apartment into the new age - the early 70s in this case - without consulting the other one.

After Felix has sold off all of the old furniture, Oscar has to eat his breakfast standing up. He insists on getting something to sit. Little does he know what Felix has in mind, though.

Oscar: You know I hate surprises.
Felix: Yeah, but you're going to love this one. Oscar Madison, you wanted something to sit in ... 
He pulls a sheet off the chair.
Felix: Here you are!

Oscar takes the hands off his eyes, sees the hand chair and covers his eyes again immediately.
Oscar: What is it?
Felix: Well, what does it look like?
Oscar: It looks like Bubba Smith's hand! I want you to tell me what it is.
Felix: It's a chair ... in the shape of a hand. A left hand, to be exact.
Oscar points at the still covered chair.
Oscar: And this, I suppose, is the right hand.
Felix: Aren't they super?!
Oscar: No! I sent you out for some chairs! You come back with a couple of hands.
Felix: But they're ... they're just like ordinary chairs. Sit down!
Oscar: But they're hands! I feel like an M&M.

The 70s are back in style even now, bell bottoms, maxi dresses, but hey, could you see yourself living in a room like this one? Did you maybe live in one yourself? I'd love to know!

The Odd Couple, USA, 1970 - 1975

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