No quote of the week

Sorry, no quote this week. Time ran and I haven't been able to prepare one earlier.
Maybe you wonder what takes me so long to put these posts together. What is there to prepare?

First I pick a movie or a TV series. Sometimes I just stumbled upon a quote to use, but most of the times I didn't and have to look for one.
Then I have to pick the perfect quote. As you might have noticed by now, it's rarely just one or two sentences, so I have to decide how much exactly I will use from a scene.
I can get obsessive about quotes. I know how easy it is to change a quote over the years if you didn't get it right the first time. You'll add a word, you'll leave something out. That won't do for these posts. A big pet peeve of mine are incorrect quotes on IMDb.

So I work with the quote itself and sometimes subtitles. Very often subtitles don't give you the original text, though. What to do if you have a mumbling actor? Just the other day I listened to just one sentence more than ten times to finally get it right!
Then of course I have to do the same thing for my German blog.

It takes time. And patience. And it helps if there's no nagging cat sitting beside me or on the keyboard.
Yup. That's why there is no quote today. No time, not patience, and a beautiful but nagging cat.

Instead I give you a random picture of some koi. Tomorrow you will understand how and why I stumbled upon this in my folders.

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