Oldies but Goodies - Silver

What does the color silver mean to you? For me silver is related to the moon like gold is to the sun. I'm very drawn to the moon, so that could be one reason I love silver.
I found a website called Color Meanings and these are some of the things they have to say about silver (click the link to read the whole article):

  • You are considered to be gentle, kind and sensitive if you like silver. White and silver are colors associated with the higher self and spirituality.
  • Where gold is masculine, silver is considered as feminine energy. It is associated with the moon as well as the ebb and flow of tides. Silver color is considered as ‘cleansing, illuminating and showing the way forward’.
  • People who like silver tend to be introspective and often lost in their own world. They are highly artistic, creative and imaginative making them good poets and writers.
  • It is believed that success comes easily to those who like this color. This may be due to the fact that such people are more open to new ideas and possibilities while being resourceful.
  • On the downside, silver loving people can be moody as their moods are reflected by the changes in the lunar cycle. Often they live in a delusional world of fantasies.

Why did I ask this question? This week the JAC Oldies but Goodies Challenge was about the color silver. It's funny, but I only found one piece myself in just silver. I love to combine silver with beads of all kinds, even if it's just a few small ones. I wonder if I should make it a personal challenge to create something in all silver now.
There was no lack of silver at all with the other members, however, as you can see not only in the picture, but in the thread if you click the above link. Have fun!

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2 Violetmoon's Corner
3 Cat's Wire
4 Jewelry Art by Dawn
5 2 Fab Fristers
6 MC Stoneworks
7 The Crafty Chimp
8 RioRita


  1. Interesting info on the meaning of the color silver.

    Love all of the silver selections from JAC members.

    1. Yup, I do like the "delusional world of fantasies" part ;-)
      Thank you!

  2. Very interesting information about the color silver, Cat. I've often thought of silver as feminine and gold as masculine. While reading, I recognized several of the traits of silver lovers applied to my own personality yet I mostly work with and wear copper. Hmmmm...

    Thank you so much for including my heart ring with your picks for the collage this week!

    1. I'll have to look up copper then!

      You are welcome, such a sweet ring :-)

  3. Thank you for the detailed information. Very interesting. Beautiful pieces from the team. :)