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Have you ever been lost? So lost that you didn't know where you were, not even the town?
That's what happened to Bernard who felt the urge to buy himself a motorbike, take off, not knowing where the trip would end.
Now he's somewhere in the middle of Alaska trying to find his way again. Joel might not be the best person to ask. The state of Alaska paid for his university education on the condition that he has pay it back by working in Alaska as a doctor for a few years. Instead of ending up in a nice hospital and a city apartment, however, Joel is ... well, in the middle of Alaska.

Bernard: Excuse me.
Joel: Yeah.
Bernard: Where am I?
Joel: You know I have been asking myself that same question since I got here. I finally figured out we are somewhere between the end of the line and the middle of nowhere.
Bernard: Oh. Where is that on the map?

Northern Exposure, USA, 1990 - 1995

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