Tackle that stash - More dangly earrings

I love dangly earrings, have I told you that before? ;-) Yeah, yeah, I know I have.
What coincidence that I found a pair of lampwork cabochons that practically begged to be earrings in my stash.
The golden wire knit settings and the shimmering golden AB cubes that dangle from them are a beautiful contrast to the organic colors and patterns of the cabs, and the rows of tiny black onyx beads are a special accent.


  1. Those are lovely, Cat!

    I'm really enjoying watching you use up your stash; it's inspirational and motivating for me personally plus I just really like to see your creativity in action.

    1. Thank you so much! It makes me dig deeper into my stash and take closer looks. Although my stash certainly isn't as big as that of others, I found some lampwork beads I didn't even remember having!