Quote of the week

Boris is sent to war against Napoleon's army. On the way to a battle his fellow soldiers and he talk about the women they love ...

Soldier: Are you married, Boris?
Boris: Me? No.
Soldier: You got a sweetheart?
Boris: No, no. I'm in love with a girl. She's married to someone, and she's in love with someone and he's married. It's a real healthy situation.
Soldier: Hey, look, Boris, look.
Boris: What have you got there?
Soldier (pulls out some hair): I got a lock of my wife's hair.
Boris (taking the hair from him and dropping some): A lock of her hair? Jeez, she's probably running around bald!
Soldier: Don't drop it! Don't drop it. Have you got a lock of your sweetheart's hair?
Boris: No, my sweetheart's married. I got a lock of her husband's hair. It's the best I could do.

Love and Death, USA, 1975

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