Quote of the week

I used to love playing board games, but unfortunately it's not easy finding someone to play with. Are you wondering why I am telling you that fact in a quote of the week post?
Today's movie is based on a board game that has been around for a long time, since 1949. I'm talking about Cluedo (its original name in the UK and also in Germany) or Clue (the US version).
In the game you are supposed to find out who killed the victim, in which room it happened and which weapon was used.

In the movie six people are invited to a big old house and find out that they are all being blackmailed by the same man. In the end there are six dead people, none of them the original guests, though. Who did it?
Colonel Mustard? Miss Scarlet? Mrs. White? Professor Plum? Mr. Green? Mrs. Peacock? Or was it the butler Wadsworth?

Let's go back to the moment after Mr. Boddy (the blackmailer according to Wadsworth) and the cook have been killed. It's obvious one of the people left must be the murderer ... or maybe not?

Colonel Mustard: Wadsworth, am I right in thinking there is nobody else in this house?
Wadsworth: Um, no.
Colonel Mustard: Then there is someone else in this house.
Wadsworth: No, sorry. I said no meaning yes.
Colonel Mustard: No meaning yes? Look, I want a straight answer. Is there someone else or isn't there? Yes or no!
Wadsworth: No. No.
Colonel Mustard: No, there is, or no, there isn't?!
Wadsworth: Yes.
Mrs. White (smashing her glass against the fireplace and screaming): Please!!

Clue, USA, 1985


  1. Professor Plum, in the library, with the candlestick. I loved this game when I was a kid.

    1. I thought it was Mrs. White in the kitchen with the revolver! :-o