Tumbleweed cabochon

I never spared a thought for tumbleweeds before. To me they were just part of Western movies, a bunch of tangled twigs or whatever rolling over an empty street or through the desert to create a mood of silence or loneliness.
That changed when one of my favorite cabochon suppliers, Stones That Rock, started offering tumbleweed cabs.
From our trip to Scotland I had already known the Heathergems. In a feeble attempt not to spend too much money I had resisted buying a piece of jewelry and cabs are not available.
So when I saw the tumbleweed cabochons, I jumped on it the way my cats jump on a new toy and got one which arrived yesterday.

I stole this from the website:
"This is not rock, but it's dyed tumbleweed. The tumbleweed is harvested from the Arizona desert, debarked and then the dyed sticks and stems are heated and compressed for 30 days. This produces bricks of tumbleweed. From there you can slab it, cut it into a unique cabochon. This is very lightweight."

I hope to use this soon, so stay tuned!

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