Quote of the week

You know how you sometimes read a very familiar word and somehow it suddenly just doesn't look right, in fact it gets worse, the longer you look at it?
Or you say something you never had a problem with before and it's clearly wrong, but you can't find the right thing?
You are not alone.

Rajesh: Who is it?
Leonard: It's Leonard.
Rajesh (opening the door): You can't come in.
Leonard: Well, I just wanna talk to her.
Rajesh: I forbid it.
Priya: Open the door, Rajesh.
Rajesh (closing the door): You heard it. I forbidded it.
Priya: Forbidded it?
Rajesh (frowning): Forbaded it?
Priya: Get out the way.


Hm, that "forbidation" didn't work so well.
Maybe this time?

Leonard and Priya come into the restaurant together.

Priya: Hi, Howard. Hi, Sheldon.
Howard and Sheldon: Hello.
Rajesh: Why are you holding hands? I forbid you to hold hands.
Priya: Rajesh, you know Leonard and I spent the night together.
Rajesh: Yeah, but you were just sleeping because I forboded you to have sex.
Leonard: The word is forbade.
Rajesh: You sure? That doesn't sound right.

See what I mean?

The Big Bang Theory, USA, 2007 -


  1. I love that show! Missed that episode though.

  2. One of my absolute favorites!
    Had someone forbaded you to watch the episode? ;-)