More colors (without the Queen this time) and a WIP

Yesterday I told you about my fondness for color variations of the same design.
Today I want to tell you about my love of color in general and chose tourmaline for it. A friend gave me a strand of tourmaline chips and as always I couldn't help being impressed by the many colors. At first look you might think it's just pink and green, but then you look closer and find this for example.

Can you see that not only there is green, blue, pink, yellow, but that two of the chips also show rainbow colors, one has a dark green and a light pink part and one is blue and pink? And this is not even a very good picture.

I fell in love with tourmalines' colors when I was a kid. We had a one volume encyclopedia with very few colored pages that we came back to again and again. The ones we loved most were the two with flags of the world, fish from the deep sea and minerals. These illustrations were no photos, but printed paintings. My favorites were the moon fish, the Kenyan flag and the tourmaline crystal which was half green, half pink which impressed me very much.
I wanted to take a picture of it for this post as I was sure I had bought the old encyclopedia for myself at a flea market, but now I seem to remember it fell apart so badly that it couldn't be repaired.

Instead I took a picture of a WIP, the wire knit rope necklace that I made with the rest of the tourmalines ....

.... and just for fun here's a close up of the "rainbow chip". So small and yet such wealth of colors!

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