Shadycats and the Queen

You may ask yourself what they have to do with each other. The Shadycats are a HeatherCat design and the Queen, well, is the Queen.
In fact it has to do with color combinations.
In this post I told you that I couldn't resist making several Shadycats. Even after writing the post I kept going. Usually I can't make a design too often too quickly, but in this case I just could have kept making it in more and more colors which really made me wonder.
Finally a thought hit me ... and a memory from my childhood.

When I was a kid, we watched commercials. There were only three TV programs which weren't available around the clock and for the longest time we had black and white TV (yes, I am that old). We guessed commercials - who was the first to recognize the brand before the name was said?
Then we got color TV and I found myself being fascinating with the "hair studio" of a certain brand. Imagine 70s hairdos and customer questions "Since I started using your shampoo for greasy hair, I have dandruff. What should I do?" I still remember that the answer was to use both the shampoo for greasy hair and the one for dandruff. Smart. That way they could sell two products.
What really intrigued me were the colors, though. There was the yellow line for this and the blue line for that, and all the bottles were standing on a table, the shampoo, hairspray, conditioner and I don't know what together. I still get that feeling today when I go grocery shopping and see shampoos in harmony, neatly lined up in their shelves.

Another color lesson came from my stamp collection, though. We all had a "stamp collection" as children. We were not very professional, but there were times when we were at least quite enthusiastic. What's left over from our family collections is in one of my drawers. I gave away some of them here and there, traded for comics, sent some to a friend for her grandson and so on, but she is still there, in lovely colors and in my favorite design ... the Queen. As you can see, I seem to have been especially fond of the Arnold Machin stamp (probably because it was the easiest for me to lay my hands on).
We had stamps with animals on them, colorful flowers, buildings and whatnot, but I loved to look at the Queen in all colors and wished I had even more of them.

That is the same feeling when I look at the Shadycats. I'd like to see them in many more color combinations.
So far there are six and I already feel the temptation coming over me again ....

They are all available in my Zibbet shop except for the blue one which is already sold.

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