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Today I don't really have a quote, but that is not the hero's fault. I'm sure he would talk if he could, but it is very hard to do so if you are a fly. You read that right, the hero of this movie, Nani, is a fly. Well, he isn't from the beginning, but after he finally manages to make the neighbor girl understand that she does love him, the rich guy who is after her as well kills him off.
It's a nice twist that our hero gets reborn as a fly. I mean what can a fly do to harm a rich, powerful and vicious guy?
For example he can cause a traffic jam and an accident during which the rich guy's car gets buried by what looks like sand to me. Nani uses the sand on the windshield to leave a message. It shows how seriously he is taking his revenge ...

Eega, IN, 2012

P.S. This movie is South Indian. I usually don't use quotes from my Indian movie collection, often because I'm not sure if the English subtitles are always correct. I couldn't resist this one, though, and it was a nice coincidence that this threat was not written in Telugu.
Also it is a highly entertaining movie.

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