A magic world

I'm sure I haven't been the only one to lie in the grass and watch the clouds drifting by, taking on funny or familiar shapes. You don't need clouds to play that game, it works with lots of things, from structured tiles to rocks ... or this cabochon.
It's a Mexican Cantera opal and it's not very big, slightly over half an inch only. Cantera opals are the Mexican equivalent to Australian Boulder opals. The opal is still in the matrix, like a window into another world which isn't hard to believe if you look at this little fellow (obviously enlarged a lot, but not color edited or anything).

Looking at it I imagine flying through a mass of clouds with the world underneath me, and is that a big lake possibly?
I don't think I have to point out I'm flying into this magic world on a dragon.

What do you see?

P.S. I "blame" Stones That Rock for my new Cantera opal addiction. Before I saw my first one there, I had not heard of them.


  1. what a cool rock. I have never heard of them either.

    1. I just found another one. All in all I have five of them. How's that for addiction?

  2. Thats beautiful! <3 It feels like there's another world inside it.! You sure are lucky to find something like that :)
    I'm a new blogger, please spend a minute to check out my first blog http://wherefairieslive.blogspot.in/ and comment, i really want to keep improving! Thank you! ^_^

    1. Thank you for coming by, Akanksha!
      I had a look at your blog. It's a lovely idea to write about magic, but there's one thing ... the different fonts made it a little hard to read.
      Keep it up and have fun! :-D