Quote of the week

I'm not an expert on weddings, especially not the big celebration kind. I once attended one of them as a guest and it reminded me that I'm not doing that well with big crowds.
That brings us to today's movie.
When Stanley Banks learns that his daughter Kay is in love, he is not prepared for the wedding, though. All he knows when he sees Kay and Buckley together for the first time is that things have changed.

"Right then I realized that my day was over. She'll always love us of course, but not in the old way. From here on her love will be doled out like a farmer's wife tossing scraps to a family rooster."


Father of the Bride, USA, 1950

P.S. I do like the remake with Steve Martin, but I love Spencer Tracy and the original will always be my favorite (I mean, just look at Elizabeth Taylor's outfits!!).


Unknown said...

The original will always be my favorite as well. :-)

Cat said...

I'm glad I'm not alone! :-D