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The story is really very simple. A young man meets a young woman while they are both on vacation. They fall in love and decide to marry as soon as possible.
When the young man, Johnny, comes to meet his young lady, Julia, at her house, though, to talk to her father, he finds out they are terribly rich and that he is expected to join the merry money making which doesn't go along at all with his own plans.
Then there are the two black sheep in the family, brother Ned ... and sister Linda.

Johnny doesn't want to make money. He wants a timeout and Julia to sail off with him and his good friends, Nick and Susan, but Julia won't give up her life in the money circles, so he finally decides to give in and give it a try for a few years.
When Nick and Susan come into their cabin on the boat, however, the door opens and Johnny comes in.

Johnny: Hey!
Nick and Susan: Johnny!
Nick: Oh my word!
Susan: Where's Julia?
Johnny: Julia? I left her sitting on her golden throne. Johnny is taking the big ride by himself.
Nick: No.
Johnny: Yes.
Nick: No! Boy, champagne, any amount of it, but hurry.
Porter: Oui, Monsieur Porter.
Nick: The name is Potter! Let's change our name to Porter, then perhaps they'll call us Potter.
Susan: Oh, what happened, Johnny?
Johnny: Susan, I've just wakened out of a nightmare. I think everything's gonna be alright. I know it is. Come on, children, come on.
He takes them out to the hallway to show them a backflip as as sign how good he is feeling when Linda comes around the corner.

Linda: Is this where the club meets?
Nick and Susan smile at each other and go into her cabin when Johnny who is still lying on the floor pulls Linda down towards him.
Johnny: Right here.

Holiday, USA, 1938

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