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What would you do if your plane crashed in the middle of the Sahara, without much hope to be found, limited water supplies and about 100 miles from the next oasis?
Easy. Let's hear what passenger Heinrich Dorfmann has to say about it to Captain Towns and Navigator Moran.

Dorfmann: Gentlemen! I've been examining this aeroplane. 
Towns: You have?
Dorfmann: Yes. We have everything here that we need to build a new one and fly it out. Now if you would like to have a look at my calculations. I don't know whether you can read my handwriting.
Towns: Are you trying to be funny?
Dorfmann: What did you say?
Towns: I said, are you trying to be funny?
The smile disappears from Dorfmann's face.
Dorfmann: That is precisely the reaction I would have expected from a man of your obvious limitations.

What do you think they will be doing? Really build a new plane?
I recommend you watch it yourself, the movie is worth it.

The Flight of the Phoenix, USA, 1965

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