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We all know that the life of a secret agent is dangerous. You could be shot, you could be strangled, you could be drowned or - always fun - you could be cut up by a laser beam ... or ...

After escaping the vat of bronze and pushing the art thief Bronzefinger into it instead during the following fight.

99: Oh Max. How terrible!
Maxwell Smart: Terrible for him, not for us.
99: I wonder what Bronzefinger would have done with us, Max.
Maxwell Smart: Well, he probably would have sold us to some public park. Just think of it, 99, there we would have been, two bronze statues giving pleasure to the thousands.
99: Thousands of art lovers?
Maxwell Smart: No, thousands of pigeons.

The worst fate of all? ;-)

Get Smart, episode "Bronzefinger", USA, 1966

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