Train tales

I noticed I haven't told one of my train tales for a long time. Part of it has to do with the fact that I didn't have any really good ones, except maybe the guy performing a hip hop song for his friend, with dancing and all ... only he wasn't very good which he admitted himself.

Today it's Monday and I remembered last week Monday when I came home late from dinner with friends. I had missed the train which was maybe a good thing because by luck I just came into the station when an old friend I hadn't seen in a long time walked by on the way to her train.
Still I had to spend 45 minutes on the platform. I stood there, not the only one waiting of course, when suddenly a woman pulling a big suitcase came running up to me and yelled: "Are you waiting for the train to U.?" I said yes and that's when she yelled at me: "It's late!!!!" Before I could even try to tell her that neither the last one (I should know it left in time because that's why I missed it ;-)) was late nor the one that would not leave until in thirty minutes, she stormed off.
Why she would share this with me, I don't know, all I know is I got some very strange looks from a girl on the bench next to me.
Why she would think the train was late and what she thought I could or could not do about it, I can't figure out. Did she want me to follow her for a protest march to the service desk? I'll never know.

I was lucky to make it off the train in time. I was so tired that I stumbled out and that's when an older man came running at me. What the ... then I saw the cell phone in his hand and the group standing next to the train. He just wanted me to take a picture of them, phew. That I could understand and do.
Still I have to admit I was glad when I was home and the only ones to jump at me were my cats! ;-)

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