Quote of the week

Hint, hint ... this picture could give you an idea which movie I chose for today's quote.
I know this is not a great shot, I had to be quick and shoot it through the window, soon afterwards the rainbow was gone. And thanks to a furry lot standing behind me, I couldn't open the window because I don't trust them from 12 to midnight, much less with an open window.

So, who wants to go for an educated guess? Right ... let's sing "Somewhere over the rainbow" together before we get to the quote.
Done? Ok, here we go then.

"Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas any more."

I'll never forget my feeling as a child when the movie turned from black and white to color. I guess I was easy to impress then ;-) I don't remember however if I thought Kansas was a black and white state ... And by the way, this quote made it to place 4 of the best 100 movie quotes of all times, selected by the American Film Institute!

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