I'm getting older .... and you can profit from it!

Next week will be my 46th birthday. As you can see I'm not shy about saying that as long as you assure me I look like 26. Like on my wedding day when I wore the huge glasses that were modern then :-P Ah, the good old ... no, wait, that DOES make me sound old, eh? ;-)

I thought I'd celebrate into my birthday and I want you to be able and celebrate with me - so I put all my shops into sales mode. That's right. 20 % off all my items until my birthday.
Maybe that way my birthday will make another birthday child happy, too?

Check out my shops on ArtFire, Zibbet and DaWanda and have fun browsing!


  1. Early Happy Birthday Cat! I'm up there in numbers with you! ♥

  2. Happy Birthday early from me too! I turned 40 this year. I had to see the nurse (routine visit) this week and she went through details, name, address, age etc., she said my age and then apologized!! If you look 26 then I am definately sticking to my 'real' age of 29.5 albeit hubby tells me I look more early 30's these days!!! Good luck with your sales. Laney x

  3. Thank you, Sue and Laney!
    Actually I don't have a problem with the 40s at all. I think they are the best time in a woman's life ... Laney, you will love them!